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                  The Centre for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching (CELT) works with Faculties and Support Services on the support, development, and recognition of staff and students as educational developers, practitioners, researchers, and leaders.

                  CELT work strands:

                  Professional Development

                  Team Recognition

                  Individual Recognition

                  Community Building & Sharing

                  Pedagogic Research

                  USW Projects & Infrastructure & activities

                  CELT has developed an infographic to illustrate how it can work with you, your Faculty and Professional Service to support, share and grow our excellent work here at USW.


                  • Are you looking to develop your teaching / learning support practice?
                  • Would you like to hear about what others are thinking and doing in USW and share your ideas too?
                  • Would you like to undertake an enquiry project about your practice and publish it?
                  • And how about getting HEA and other forms of internal and external recognition for what you are doing to support the USW Student Experience?

                  Please get in touch for more information or visit MyInformation


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